We are In-Company.

In-Company is a Wellington based design collective. We assist in building businesses and brands by engaging audiences deeply through sophisticated, clear and simple design thinking.  

We are a small practice who love collaboration — with our clients & other creative partners across photography, digital, videography, strategy & copywriting. We build teams to suit a project dependant on outcomes and knowledge required. 



Dianna Clapperton-Adams is the Creative Director & founder of In-Company. After graduating from Wanganui School of Design, she launched her career with Icebreaker. Since then, she has worked for agencies, contracted and freelanced for large and small businesses alike. Her passion is to create design outcomes that are relevant, simple and effective.

Dan Adams is the co-founder of In-Company. Dan also graduated from the Wanganui School of Design (where these two met), and has since worked in the video game industry wearing multiple hats across marketing, User Interface design & implementation. Dan is the go-to man for anything technical and is a great sounding board through the creative process.